Inside Quantelux

Delivering Digital Outcomes & Modernizing IT Infrastructure

Design, build, educate, demonstrate and deploy innovative technology products and integrated architectural solutions for Quantelux customers. Helping global enterprises every day cope successfully with today's competitive realities and challenges.

We do this by applying our consulting expertise and proven methodologies and tools to IT governance, information content and data management, software development and process improvement techniques, and infrastructure services management.


Making software that matters

Tech and business environments are changing so fast that software solutions can become obsolete before they’re ever delivered.

Traditional approaches to enterprise IT simply weren’t designed to respond to the speed and uncertainty of today's digital economy.

Quantelux’s outcome-based approach to agile software development and engineering delivers customer value early and often. We capture iterative feedback to guide decisions and produce impactful solutions at the speed of your business.


Consulting Services

The difference of strategy plus execution

You won't find another partner who combines the research, analysis, modeling and strategy development of a traditional consulting firm with the proven ability to deploy, integrate and operate complex infrastructure solutions at scale around the world.

By bridging business and technology objectives to drive operational efficiency, Quantelux delivers tangible business outcomes faster. Our holistic approach is based on human-centered design expertise. We turn your data into a differentiator as we develop and implement end-to-end solutions.

With real-world experience that spans industries and continents, we know how to drive operational efficiency and solve complex IT issues. Our agile approach not only saves you time and money, it ensures the right outcomes for your business.


Key consulting capabilities

An overview of our consulting skills and expertise, available wherever and whenever you need it.

Data Analytics

Quickly automate, extract and leverage information from data. Transform into an organization built around data to confidently tackle more complex use cases and rapidly drive value.

Cloud Services

Plan, implement and optimize cloud strategies that achieve today's goals while preparing for tomorrow's challenges. Public. Private. Hybrid. Multicloud. We know cloud inside and out.

Digital Strategy

Digital experiences that deliver more. We dream them. We bring them to life. Our beautiful digital solutions get customers to market faster while positioning them to outpace the competition and react to changing environments with agility. We make new worlds happen.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Harness the transformative power of IoT by leveraging actionable insight from the integration of devices and sensors with software and analytics to drive strategic business outcomes.

Application Development

Work collaboratively to find the optimal way to develop high-quality, easy-to-use software that delivers value early and often. The result is applications that are easy to use, well architected and organized to maximize future expandability.

Security Services

Our security consultants, architects and engineers can build you an enterprise security program that defends against the most pressing risks facing your business.

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